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Publication of: David Engels / Gerd Morgenthaler / Max Otte (eds.)

"Myth, fate, and duty. Oswald Spengler and Jordan Peterson as moral philosophers" (20.-22.10.2022)

The Oswald Spengler Society will award its 2022 prize to the well-known philosopher Jordan Peterson. On this occasion, we would like to issue a call for papers for a scholarly conference that will be held from 20th-22th October 2022 in the German Eifel near Cologne. All papers dealing with the moral philosophy of Oswald Spengler and of Jordan Peterson are welcome, separately or in comparison, and also in their relation to the more general analysis of civilisational crisis that characterises both authors. In case of interest, please send us a short CV and an abstract (ca. 30 lines) of your intended contribution by email until the 31st August 2022. Meals and accommodation will be provided by the organisers, some financial support for travel is available, particularly for those travelling from afar or at an early stage of their income career. As in 2018 and 2020, the conference volume will be published as part of the monograph series of the Oswald Spengler Society.


David Engels / Stefan Schorn (eds.)

Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, Part IV, Section 2, volume 1, Leiden, Brill, 2024.


The "Fragmente der griechischen Historiker" is a collection by Felix Jacoby of the works of those ancient Greek historians whose works have been lost, but of which we have citations, extracts or summaries. The work was started in 1923 and continued by him till his death in 1959. The project was divided into five parts, of which only the first three were published. The fourth (biography and antiquarian literature) is currently edited by Stefan Schorn in the series "Jacoby continued", published online and in print. The present volume, co-edited with David Engels, represents the first volume of the section devoted to antiquarian literature and reunites all relevant authors except Polemon of Ilion and Kallimachos.

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